Monday 1 August 2016

A Box of Peaches: Picture Book

The following presentation is a picture-book introduction to the detailed article at A Box of Peaches. The full article investigates a mysterious present from Utah to South Wales, received during WWII, and reveals two families separated by huge time and distance.

The presentation was prepared as an Adobe Spark “Glideshow”. Simply select the image and use the scroll-bar to take the journey.

A Box of Peaches

Figure 1 – Mary Williams, 2016.[1]

Mary Williams would like to locate descendants of John and Ann Richards, and ideally to meet them. If you are descendants of this couple, or you can shed any light on those peaches, please contact me using the Contact Form in the right-hand panel of this blog.

[1] Mary Williams, 1946; image provided by the Williams family, and displayed by kind permission of Mary.

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  1. RIP Mary Williams, passed away April 2020 aged 88. She remained in touch with her lost American cousins following this research to locate them.