Friday, 18 January 2019


More thoughts on the subject of Time, but in a different vein this time. Whether its end-of-days is historical or prophetic reflects the cyclical nature of events.

Figure 1The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, 1852, painting by John Martin  (1789–1854); public domain; via Wikimedia Commons.

On cold icy countenance did Heaven's hammer fall,
and tumult and turmoil did summon the ocean tall
For all that was, and then,
repaid in myriad gem
Given by the great hand but taken by the small.

For Aion smote the cheek of Gaia, so cool and white
Her mantle of Aegean blue loosed in silent flight
Yet innocent of all crime
The iterant chaos of time
Her fate seduced by blow celeste from indelible night.

Under legion trumpet her children wept, though mused and wise,
as fire, brimstone, and scoria burned their Eden and their eyes
Safe haven in cavern deep
Sanctuary on silver seed
To wait, to slumber, to heal, and like phoenix arise.

Copyright © Tony Proctor
#poetry #time

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