Friday 28 January 2022

Life, the Universe, and Everything


Readers of my blog may have wondered why it has published fewer research articles of late. The main reason is one of time. Apart from having to transfer my STEMMA website away from Google Sites, and produce a major new version of SVG Family-Tree Generator that has been reconstructed from the ground up, I have also been writing a book. No, it's not a genealogical one.

It's about physics and metaphysics, and called On Time, Causality, and the Block Universe. Some parts might be a bit heavy-going if you're not a physicist or philosopher, but there are chapters covering consciousness, emotion, intelligence, free will, computers, and so on, in addition to relativity and quantum theory; basically something for everyone. If you're interested in an independent view on the nature of reality then further details — including ISBN number, table of contents, and links for availability — can be found on the accompanying website:

The publication date was 15th February 2022, but it is listed online by several stores if anyone is intrigued (see links on the landing page of the website).


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