Monday, 26 October 2015

Summarised Blogger Tips

I have posted the following list before but it has become out-of-date and lost in that morass that is Google+ gems and past-posts. It consists of a summary (oldest-first) of tips that I have previously posted for using Blogger, and for creating more sophisticated blog-posts. I will update this list if I find any more tricks and tips that I think others may find useful.

The uses of blogs are manyfold. Sometimes your posts may be simple "newsy" paragraphs, but sometimes you will want carefully-crafted posts that will be relevant and readable years from now -- especially if you're using a blog for family-history write-ups. This is how many of these tips came about and we bloggers need to raise the bar for such work.

Using Microsoft Word with Blogger (

Using Feedburner with Blogger (

Using Google Maps with Blogger (

Using Footnotes with Blogger (

Using Bookmarks with Blogger (

Putting a tiny blog icon on your browser tab (

Using Documents or Script with Blogger (

Searching by Blogger Labels (

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